Talking to myself…

Part of my journey of balance as of late is finding the rightness between being around others, whether friend, family, church, work, or lover, and being alone. It’s never been an easy part of my life, only because I don’t think I was ever raised to be comfortable in my own skin. Yet the blessing has come in this… my partner is probably the first who has let me honestly share just how much I dislike being alone (even though I am a fairly strong introvert at heart). When I say I miss him, he doesn’t think it’s odd or clingy or smothering, but rather sees it as endearing and kind and caring. It’s nice to have someone who seemingly gets me, understands my heart and my mind, and gives me freedom to vent and think and be confused. Int the end though, there comes that time where I need to be able to sit in a room, alone, and say, “This is ok. It’s not so bad. In fact, I even kinda like it.” That’s my goal, but again, I’m close enough to the beginning that for now, baby steps are alright. The balance will work itself out… it always does.


~ by Michael O. on January 5, 2010.

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