F. and I went to my friend Michael and Rodrigo’s wedding yesterday. Service was at a beautiful chapel on Northwestern University’s campus. The reception was then at the Stan Mansion on the far northwest side of the city. We got to meet a lot of their friends and family, as well as see some of our own. We got to dance, eat, drink, and celebrate this couple who has been a strong example of a healthy relationship.

We both decided we can’t wait for it to be us. We can’t wait to have our own friends and family, even if it’s just our extended family that comes and not our blood family. We can’t wait to trade rings and make our own covenant. We can’t wait to share that love that we’ve developed with those in our lives whom we hold most dear.

I never thought I would find this. I never thought that I could let myself be this happy or fulfilled. But here it is, and I have no intentions of letting it go. This is quite possibly the grandest blessing that I’ve ever been given, to know agape in my life. All I can do now is enjoy the ride.


~ by Michael O. on August 15, 2010.

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