Something to cherish…

I finished my first semester in seminary, and quite possibly with better grades than even I expected. Then it was time for Christmas. F. and I headed down to KY, right after I’d finished my exegesis for OT. The drive was great, pretty, peaceful. He held my hand almost the entire way down, and it kept me calm. We listened to Christmas stations, and the Praise CD I’d made to rehearse for Denver. Then we got to my grandma’s. She welcomed us in with open arms, hugging F. as intimately as she’d just hugged me moments ago. We got everything brought in, and after a short trip to fill up with gas and get some fried chicken & fix-ins for lunch, we came back and sat down at the table together, held hands, I spoke grace, and we ate…. like a family. This was only the beginning.

The next day, my parents arrived. I was scared, to say the least. But they surprised me. There was never a moment in which my mom gave F. a look or a snarky remark. Instead, aside from being sick, she was kind, loving, and welcoming. They got him more presents than I’d ever expected, including the same hot cocoa set that I’d received from his parents last Christmas. They signed his card with “love.” They sat in the living room with us watching movies, the two of them side by side on the couch, the two of us one in front of the other, one in the recliner, the other on the floor. Mom even smiled several times. I told her later that night how much it meant that they were so kind. She simply said,”You know we disapprove, but I promise we’re never going to treat him badly.” I just hugged her.

We had to leave the next morning to get back. When it was time to go, I got my usual hugs and “Love you”‘s. Only so did F. I hadn’t heard it until we got in the car, but Mom had said the same words to F. I nearly swerved and crashed. I cried, and smiled. Needless to say, it was a very merry Christmas. One to remember and hold onto. One to be cherished…


~ by Michael O. on December 28, 2010.

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