Simple words…

I talk to myself… a lot sometimes. Hell, every now and again, I even respond to myself. Sometimes the words I have to say are meaningless banter. Sometimes they’re harsh criticism for something I’ve done, words I’ve spoken, or for simply just being me. But every so often, I speak kind words to myself. It’s a rare (but ever-increasing) occurrence. After realizing just how hard I am on myself, I’ve begun to understand the value of self-directed affirmation. There are a few ways that I do this…

Last year, one of my dearest friends made a suggestion to me. I’d been struggling with both my body image and my intellectual capabilities. Additionally, my personal faith had been struggle. Her suggestion was a simple one, but more powerful than I would have thought. Every day, at least once, I was to look in the mirror and tell myself, “I’m sexy. I’m brilliant. I’m a Beloved child of the Divine.” If speaking it wasn’t enough, then I was to plaster my apartment with post-its filled with similar words. It sounded silly, and while I don’t do it nearly as often these days, I’m able to discern when I need to reestablish this habit. When I do, it usually ends up being just as powerful.

Another way that I’ve learned to speak kindly to myself has been through solitude. It’s easy for any of us living today to become caught up in the busyness of life. Meetings. Classes. Lectures. Homework. Relationships. Dates. Hookups. Bar-hopping. Dinner parties. Holiday gatherings. Shopping. You name it, and it can be used to keep us from spending time getting to know ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, solitude often happens best alone. But even something as simple as riding the train without putting in the headphones or turning on the e-reader can make a difference. When we take the time to give notice to our thoughts and our feelings, we get a chance to know something new about ourselves, even if it’s subtle and seemingly miniscule. It’s a powerful thing when we make self-awareness a priority.

Finally, as odd as this may sound, I speak kindly to myself through taking care of my body. Admission: I am not a gym rat. I hate running. Lifting weights makes me awkward. But I enjoy taking walks with close friends, and within the past two months, I’ve developed a love for yoga. I stand close to the mirror in the studio, not so I can practice vanity, but so I can make sure I have proper form, but even more importantly, so I can spend close to an hour seeing myself for who and what I truly am. I’m able to see nearly every nook and cranny. I’ve learned to accept the reality of my barrel chest and broad shoulders, of my incapability of ever looking a particular way. As I reach the end of my yoga practice and flow into fetal pose, I often find myself gazing in the mirror with a smile. This simple gesture is a way of affirming the fight within me, the transformation I’ve allowed to take place.

We all need to hear kind words. Sometimes those are words unspoken. Sometimes they’re written encouragement and affirmations. Sometimes is a smile seen in the mirror, the feel of one’s heart racing and sweat dripping off of one’s skin. The list is as long as we make it. This much is true: when we take the time to be kind to ourselves and to develop self-love, we’re able to release that love into the world around us. When we let go of the busyness and the “stuff”, we make it possible for our intentions and affections to be directed where they’re really needed. The kindness we speak to ourselves becomes kindness we offer to the world.

~ by Michael O. on October 6, 2012.

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