About me…

Me… I’m just an average Joe. Well, mostly. I currently live the nice/not-so-nice part of Chicago called Uptown, but have been in Medical District, Palos Heights, as well as Terre Haute, IN, Falmouth and Campton, KY, and Morristown, TN. I’m renting a one-bed condo with my best friend/husband/partner and our two cats, Chirpy and Kylar. What can I say, I like living simply.

I’m currently in seminary in Evanston, IL, something I’ve put off for a long time, but yearned for even longer. Running from God is easy… running back to God is anything but.

I’m soft. Emotional. Compassionate. Creative. Sensual. Life is about being vulnerable and getting your hands dirty. It’s about making mistakes and learning to love with abandon.

I love music, chocolate, jersey knit bedsheets, sterling silver, cheap flip-flops, mom and pop Thai restaurants. I want to go skydiving, or at least throw myself down a professional wind tunnel.

I like to challenge people to think outside of their own comfort zone. To not accept tradition as fact, but learn about their beliefs for themselves. I think religion can have it’s beautiful moments, but it can also be misused against those who fail to, or choose not to conform. Before God was condemning, judgmental, wrathful, and vengeful, she was loving, intimate, relational – characteristics that span across the length of the Old Testament into the New, culminating with the Incarnation. But even more so, God tends to reveal God in ways we don’t always understand or fathom – so I try to be open to new surprises.

I love chick flicks – Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes, Stepmom, You’ve Got Mail, Beaches, Terms of Endearment. If it will make me laugh and cry at the same time, I will most likely love it. Don’t get me wrong, I also love plenty of action, fantasy, or science fiction. I love to have my head in the clouds just as much as I love having my feet on the ground.

I love all sorts of music, but my biggest soft spots are for Christian (old & new), Broadway, and choral. Rogers & Hammerstein are my very good friends.

I play acoustic guitar. I enjoy taking photos. I love getting wet (unless I’m in my good clothes or heavy cotton polos). I try and stay healthy, but my relationship with whip cream is real, and it’s deep – leave me alone…

I see a therapist, every week, same day, same time. I cry. I yell. I curse. I scream. I bitch and moan. I laugh and giggle and free associate. It makes me a better person.

All in all, I feel like I’m a pretty accurate representation of a human. I have my walls, and my guards, but the people in my life break away at those on a fairly regular basis. I’m ok being around a lot of people, but I also cherish my alone time, or time with those I love most dearly.

Being in seminary, I don’t get to post as often as I might like. However, for the 2012-2013 school year, I am working with The Marin Foundation, at nonprofit on Chicago’s north side that works to bring Evangelical Christians into the conversation about gender and sexuality. I hope to blog more during my time as way of documenting my journey, conversations, and adventures.